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Radian6 And Social Media Monitoring

Any company or celebrity knows that public relations is incredibly important to a product, service, or company’s overall success. Public relations can have a major effect on how people perceive a particular brand, company, product, service, or person. Indeed, very little else besides public relations and personal experience effect their perception.

More than ever, online reputation management has become an issue for companies and individuals. This is because the Internet has grown in importance exponentially. It is far more important than ever before and, by extension, so are their online reputations. This is not really a matter that is up for debate–the online reputation is widely accepted to be more important to a company’s success now than ever before. Part of the importance of an online reputation is that anyone can now publish comments and articles about a company, product, brand, service, or person. These comments or articles can easily find their way on to social networking platforms like Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, and Google+. More than anything, this is what companies and individuals fear because the comments, videos, websites, or articles have the possibility of going viral and doing more damage than just one man submitting an online complaint.

A brand is no longer an image, name, and motto that come out of the advertising consultant’s office. It is the sum of all things that are said about it in print media, on television, and, perhaps most importantly, online. With increasing numbers of people looking to online sources for information on products, services, businesses, and individuals–online reputations have become king. Forget spending big money on ad buys on television if your online reputation is absolutely wrecked. It would simply be a waste of funds, as most of that advertising would just lead to people discovering your company or product’s negative online reputation.

With all of this online chatter having such a major effect on the success of various brands, it is essential that companies take measures to ensure their brand remains under their control. Whether we participate in the online conversation or not, things are being said about your brand. You need to be aware of what is being said about your company.

Radian6 is one of the tools that helps people and companies to manage their online reputations. Radian6 was founded in 2006 and has always been concerned with helping companies listen to social media about their products and services. Listening is an important part of what companies need to do, but they must also be able to measure, analyze, and respond. Radian6 offers clients the ability to do all of these things.

Radian6 is an extremely powerful platform that helps companies to monitor their online reputations in a way that few other programs can. Radian6 is an entrepreneurial firm with a good deal of business experience, so they understand the needs of businesses. There is a reason the company is so successful, with over 2,200 clients to date and over 350 employees at headquarters in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

This is the website of Radian6:


This is a great profile of the company, and some helpful videos about how Radian6 works.


Nichole Kelly analyzes Radian6 from a social media point of view.


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