Jul 19

MeOnTheWeb And It’s Uses

Reasons Why

There are many reasons why a company, individual, or organization should want to monitor their online reputation. The Internet is a place of miscreants and malcontents mixed in with hundreds of millions of average users and consumers. Any single one of these malcontents can ruin the reputation of an otherwise well-respected company or person with just a few minutes if they know what they are doing. If they don’t know what they’re doing, it will still only take a couple of hours. This is not a lot of effort or time for someone who wants to do the damage. Like any relationship between damage and repair, repairing your reputation will take much longer than it took anyone to do the damage. If someone runs through your house with a hammer in two minutes hitting anything they can, they might do thousands of dollars worth of damage in a very short amount of time. In response, you would have to spend several weeks, likely, fixing the resulting damage. The same is true of reputational damage online–it takes time to repair.

Setting Up A System

The best alternative to having to deal with the repair, of course, is to set up a system which will alert you when your reputation is being damaged online–so that you can possibly get in front of it and stop it quickly, or at least get a chance to make a plan before it utterly destroys your reputation online and off.

There are many tools you can turn to for help with this very real issue. One of the best tools that is available right now is MeOnTheWeb, which is a tool on your Google Dashboard. Anytime Google puts out a product, it is going to attract a great deal of attention because that means that it has been created by some of the most innovative and entrepreneurial minds on the planet.This is why people have been so excited about MeOnTheWeb–and rightfully so.



MeOnTheWeb helps you to set up search alerts, manage your online reputation, and even remove unwanted content. However, it will be interesting to see how widely used the service is compared to, say, Trackur or other tools like it. MeOnTheWeb could be more powerful than it is–if for example it had Google Analytics style analysis. However, it is still a brilliant tool that people should look at if they want to monitor their online reputations from online defamation.

You may be asking–how does MeOnTheWeb differ at all from setting up a system of Google Alerts? The simple answer is that it is not very different. It is simply less labor intensive if you’re setting up many keywords, but it works in much the same manner. Essentially, it is just more user friendly. Google also suggests you make a Google profile if you want to use MeOnTheWeb, so it gives you access to the ability to set up free profiles online that can operate as positive content to replace or guard against any negative content moving into your top search results.

The Google Blog’s take on MeOnTheWeb

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