Apr 10

The Legitimate Alternative: Repumatic’s Review Sites

Online reviews are a dangerous source to trust because they are so often submitted by anonymous “customers”. They can be faked very easily and created with absolutely no repercussions for the reviewer.

Libel cases over online comments are on the rise, perhaps inevitably in an era of impulsive tweets and anonymous comments. Nevertheless, what could be a more fundamental exercise of free speech than telling others about your negative experiences with doctors, lawyers, contractors and hotels?

Unfortunately, not all complainers can be counted on to give an accurate and fair account, and a business can be damaged irreparably by false allegations.

Courts have largely found that comments that are strictly opinion or hyperbole are protected by the First Amendment, while unsupported statements of fact can lead to liability.

Online reviews can do a lot of damage without having ever been verified or anything, which is why Repumatic’s review sites are so important. There are not a lot of options for companies that have been libeled on review sites, but this is a legitimate alternative that is not costly.

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Mar 20

Cheerleading for Better Online Protection of Reputations

It is astonishing what human beings will write under the cover of anonymity. It is this anonymity that brings out the absolute worst in people, apparently, which is why the Internet has such a shady reputation once the identification of individuals is torn away. In this particular case you have an ex-cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals and a teacher who clearly did something wrong, she was convicted of sex with a student, but following that there were comments on another website alleging her of sleeping with every single Bengals player and having communicable sexually transmitted diseases. She’s now suing to protect her reputation.

During the three-day trial, Jones’ attorney, Eric Deters, argued the posts defamed Jones and called her reputation into question long before her relationship with the student, and she’s therefore entitled to damages. He also urged jurors to give her a big financial reward to effectively shut down thedirty.com.

This is a case that is going to test the limits of the Communication Decency Act and other online protections for websites. However, Ms. Jones can be happy knowing that even if she loses, her online reputation options are not exhausted. There are other ORM Tools that she can utilize.

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Apr 27

Cheaper, But Effective: Repumatic

There’s a good reason why very few people have, as of late, been investing in their online reputation. It is because the industry is seen as one that really does not matter. The Internet reputation is today perceived to be a luxury service that not everyone needs. However, not everyone agrees that online reputation should cost so much and be so exclusive.

Exclusivity is the mark of an industry that will never grow beyond a certain demographic. However, there are certain challenges to trying to make online reputation management remove acceptable. Online reputation management is not one of those industries where you can cut corners and it will just be under the radar.

Online reputation management as an industry has not done very well with helping to meet the needs of those clients who not avoid the industry’s often-exorbitant prices.Repumatic is a free online reputation management tool that aims to fix this situation by providing free access to a high quality online reputation management services without the associated high costs. Instead, the tool lets users experience all of the quality services which virtually none of the older companies could accomplish.

Repumatic is an automated system for online reputation management, which means that if it develops quickly and the users learns the ropes pretty quick, they can have someone looking after their nominee without expending any energy or time at all. Repumatic is a neat tool for those individuals who can’t afford to spend tons of money on online reputation management campaigns, but still realize the importance of online reputations.

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Feb 22

Improving Upon the Laws

Even though this article is written from the perspective of someone in Gambia, in Africa, it still has a worthy viewpoint that I think is worth highlighting.

Online journalists are only given absolute privileges when reporting court cases. They are generally covered by qualified privilege, which requires their news stories to be fair, accurate and without malice. By having only qualified privilege, online journalists can be sued for defamation when they include in their stories defamatory remarks said outside a court house or meeting.

Every once in a while it is a good idea to look at the law regarding online defamation in other countries. Just because we have capable ORM tools that can repair a damaged web reputation does not mean we shouldn’t seek to improve upon the laws that are available to us.

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Dec 6

ORM Tools and Their Benefit to the Medical Industry

It is pretty common for businessmen, especially members of the medical industry, to find that they have been defamed on the Internet. This article highlights a few good examples:

When a New York City dentist found last year that someone was slamming her practice on the web, she decided to fight back. To neutralize the poor reviews, she encouraged her patients to write their own reviews. While those more favorable contributions helped push down the negative ones for a while, they started to reappear a month later.

The solution is to utilize search engine reputation management, which can replace this negative press with more positive content. The medical industry is definitely in need of ORM Tools.

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Nov 7

Looking to the Future

Everyone cares about their website reputation. Unfortunately, the Communications Decency Act protects many websites from being sued for situations in which their anonymous online commenters engage in online slander or libel.

You don’t have to be running for president to care about your online reputation. Almost everything you do online is easy to track, especially when you’re using social media sites. This infographic shows you how to manage your “e-reputation,” perhaps saving you some embarrassment, or even your career.

Everyone should care about their Internet reputation. Those who don’t, aren’t looking to the future.

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Nov 3

The Better Solution to Defamation of Character

ORM Tools are not easy to find online. However, there are a number of online reputation management services out there that are worth exploring. The trouble is, many people just don’t think to use ORM tools, they think they can handle the situation themselves or that lawsuits are the solution.

Professional online reputation defenders – a thriving industry – universally agree that negative content is often forever. There are plenty of fake reviews posted by underhanded competitors, and some can be removed, but most digital disses involve real customers, real complaints and real First Amendment rights.

Plan A, then: Bury that negativity. By out-posting them with business-building blogs, friendly customer reviews and other positive content, defenders strive to push haters to the back of the search-results line.

Lawsuits simply are not that effective–most fail to even get their day in court because they are dismissed summarily. ORM tools, on the other-hand, are always effective if used right.

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Oct 19

Monitoring the Internet’s Heartbeat

The Heartbeat of the Internet

The heartbeat of the Internet is undoubtedly the blogosphere. The rumors that start there often become the breaking news on television stations, radio talk shows, and newspaper columns. The blogosphere allows for individuals to search for information on niche topics or post about their own opinions without much editorial control. This means that news spreads quick, as does the truth. Worst of all, though, is the fact that vicious lies spread through the blogosphere and micro-blogosphere (including Twitter) faster than they can be corrected. Even if the lie is a blatant one with no truth to it whatsoever–the lie can sweep the blogosphere before the person even has time to correct it.

Having a Presence Online

Any person or business that has a presence online knows how important an online reputation is. Even those individuals who choose to stay off the Internet as much as possible, they often understand that an online reputation exists for you whether you choose to have one or not. This means that if you are not in control of your online reputation, then others are. This is a dangerous situation that you really do not want to find yourself in.

Letting Others Control Your Reputation

Letting other people control your reputation, online or off, is a very bad idea. BlogPulse is a program that recognizes this fact and tries to fight it. BlogPulse is an online reputation monitoring tool that is used specifically for the blogosphere. Just as the name implies, it keeps its fingers on the pulse of the blogosphere in order to ascertain what is going on with clients’ reputations online.

The Solution

On the front page of BlogPulse’s website you will find numerous graphs mapping how much chatter is occurring about a certain news-making event. Whether it’s a celebrity getting in a fight or a company filing for bankruptcy, you’ll find that sometimes these entities are not talked about at all for months and then suddenly they are the talk of the blogosphere. There are also a number of tables on the front of the website at any given time which shows the visitor what the top blogs at the moment are, top keywords, and top news sources.

How it Works

Almost 175 million blogs are included in BlogPulse’s system. This means their sample size is essentially the entire blogosphere. They also track how many new blogs have been created and put into the system in the last twenty-four hours. BlogPulse is brought to you by Nielson, the same company that handles polling and television ratings systems, so it is a pretty reliable website. You can count on the fact that it is going to do a good job at what it does. The company behind it, Nielson, is known for producing good results on search and poll related issues.

BlogPulse is a great website for those individuals who want to keep up with the latest happenings of the blogosphere. More importantly, it is a great way for individuals to track what is being said about them on the blogs, whether it is about them personally or about a company or keyword.

-The Editor

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Oct 10

Getting Help with Clients RightNow

The Public Image

The public image of a company or individual is very important, any marketing, advertising, or public relations expert will tell you as much. Image controls a good deal of purchasing power. The public perception of a company or individual can make or break them. Looking to Tiger Woods or British Petroleum, this is easy to prove. Those are extreme examples, but it can exist in simpler forms. For example, if a local restaurant has bad reviews on UrbanSpoon.com, a popular restaurant review website, then people who Google that restaurant looking for information like what times they are open, their menu, and where the eatery is located–they will inevitably come across this negative review and perhaps have their minds changed by the relevant information.

Positive and Negative Results

If a company has such negative information in their Google results or anywhere on the Internet where they think it will damage them, this is known as having a negative online reputation. While some companies foolishly ignore the state of their online reputations, most understand how important the online reputation really is to success in business.

Once companies understand how important their online reputations really are, and how much they can affect, they often seek to change them for the better. One way to do this is to engage in competent online reputation management. In order to fix the problem, though, one must first know what the problem is. Tools like RightNow can help to deduce the problem and figure out how to solve it.

What is RightNow?

RightNow is a company that helps other companies to monitor their online reputations and improve their relationships with clients. Whether the client communicates with the business through web, chat, phone, email, in person, or in a cloud–RightNow can help to deal with the issue and improve the overall quality of customer-company relations.

RightNow is chiefly concerned with online reputation monitoring and online reviews. Since 1997, RightNow has been pioneering technological solutions to company reputation issues. RightNow is an innovative company that has experience a great deal of success and worked with high level clients because the solutions it offers to web-age problems are very efficient and cost-effective.

About Them

RightNow Technologies is a software company from the United States that is incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Bozeman, Montana. The company employs over one-thousand employees, with offices located all over the world. Some of their most prominent clients include British Telecom, British Airways, Australian Post, GameFly, Bank of New Zealand, Motorola, and Black and Decker. RightNow brings together a collection of experts in various fields.

RightNow does not sell its clients software and then simply walk away. Rather, RightNow is constantly upgrading and engaging with their clients, even as their clients are engaging with their own. RightNow’s policy is to be committed to its clients, rather than just trying to use them for a one-time purchase. RightNow is committed to its clientele–helping them to engage with their clients every single step of the way.

-The Editor



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Sep 28

The Ubervu-erse Is Open to You

The Internet as the New All-Important Source

The Internet is a prime source for information. It has been for over a decade now, but it is really coming into its own as a source of information for and about virtually anything. Encyclopedias, newspapers, and dictionaries are quickly becoming things of the past as the Internet becomes a living, breathing, form of all of those sources of information rolled into one–and it’s cheaper too!

There is so much about the Internet right now that is confusing to the average business owner. Entrepreneurs, despite their obvious business savvy, often have trouble determining exactly what their online reputation is, how important it might be, and especially–what to do about it. These are problems that confound many people, but they don’t necessarily have to. There are tools available to anyone that can help parties, individuals or businesses, to analyze their online reputations.

Reputable Tools

One of the most reputable tools is Ubervu. This is a company that collects information about your company or  keyword online and then analyzes it for you. Ubervu is a dynamic company that helps people to understand the cost of online interaction. Ubervu does not just scour the Internet for news about the business in mind, but also offer s a detailed, helpful analysis that few other programs could offer. This information and analysis can be used to create a more effective online presence.

Ubervu can not only monitor your company, it can also monitor the online on-goings of competitors and compare them. Ubervu can even put this information into easily-readable charts for the customer. Realtime streams and analytics through the Ubervu program are always just one click away. The software is easily navigated by even the newest of customers. With no training whatsoever, virtually any client ought to be able to immediately grasp how to use the software and the value of utilizing it.

Analyzing Sentiments

The Ubervu tools analyzes sentiment an breaks it down by positive or negative, male or female, and the geographic location of the person making the comments. This will help the company to understand how their actions affect their online reputation better. It will also help to engage fans, followers, and customers much better.

Ubervu does not give the client peaks into conversations by seeing one post with a brand name or company name in it. Instead, Ubervu provides access to the entire conversation and analyzes it too. Additionally, you will not only see the blog post containing your keyword (like Google Blogsearch), but you will also see the comments of people from all over the web who linked to it. This is crucial to actually understanding what sort of effect that one blog post has on your Internet-wide reputation.

About Ubervu

In early 2008, Ubervu was founded by Dan Ciotu, Vladimir Oane and Dragos Ilinca. The company received funding in 2008 and 2009 which proved to be essential to their later success. Ciotu is the CTO, Oane the CEO, and Ilinca runs Marketing and Development at Ubervu. There are six other staffers named on the site who all contribute in various ways too.



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